The Houstonian Club is a private health and fitness club dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our Members and their families. Our guiding principle is that this can best be achieved through the development and maintenance of a sound body and an alert mind. The central purpose of The Houstonian is to offer individuals and organizations a unique health and fitness facility with programs and services that focus on renewal...personally, professionally and physically. 

The Houstonian Club started selling Memberships in 1978, and when it opened in January 1980, a health club in a 125,000 square foot building was decidedly not commonplace. (In fact, the original Club operators had The Club designed so that it could be converted to a two-story office building, if the new mega-health club concept failed.) From the very beginning, The Houstonian Club exhibited innovation. Some current examples: all of The Club’s group exercise classes have been designed by the Group Exercise, Fitness and Aquatics staff. In 2010 the Club added a second underground parking facility, so every Member could have more covered parking and we christened a new 50,000 square foot indoor tennis facility, the only indoor courts in the immediate area. Innovation is crucial in building and maintaining a competitive edge. We are currently conducting a 23.5 million dollar renovation of our Club. For more information on our renovation please click here

The Club has always operated with the understanding that people will only accept elite pricing if elite service and products are delivered. This was never truer than when, in 1992, The Club was purchased (along with the adjacent Houstonian Hotel & Spa) by The Redstone Companies. Redstone’s reputation of demanding the highest standards from its affiliate companies and personnel set a course of quality and continuous improvement. Club Members expect all areas of The Club – programming, activities, facilities, services – to be superior to any club in the area.

When The Club opened in 1980, its operators planned to have a relatively small number of Members, so the staff could concentrate on providing a level of service comparable to the country’s finest private clubs. Although The Club now has a rather large number of Members, the policy of unparalleled service has never changed. From the early 1990s, when Club staff participated in several years of Stephen Covey-based training, to present day, when the staff (at all levels) continually engages in service seminars and dialogs, service to the Member is paramount. Almost all the Members (1,800+ each day) are greeted by name when they enter The Club. All four wet areas are continually staffed to ensure Member satisfaction. Many employees have 25+-year careers at The Club, and throughout The Club, Members are smiling and generally fit. All these are tangible examples of the level of service The Houstonian Club provides.

The Houstonian Club’s operators plan to continue raising the bar in the areas of innovation, values and service. In every industry, there is always one company at the top, and in Houston, Texas, it’s The Houstonian Club.

Membership Categories

Resident Membership
Provides complete dining, social and athletic use of The Houstonian Club. Resident Members enjoy exclusive use of the Resident Member Locker Rooms, Resident Member Workout Room and Gated Resident Parking Areas.

Note: Dependents under age 21 are not permitted in Resident areas unless accompanied by a parent.

Associate Membership
Provides complete dining, social, and athletic use of The Houstonian Club, excluding designated Resident Member areas.

Young Adult Membership
Junior Associate Membership provides all the benefits of an Associate Membership for those who are age 23-29.

Legacy Membership
Houstonian Club Legacy Memberships are available for Current Members’ children ages 25-29. In order to qualify for a Legacy Membership, the child must have been listed as a dependent on the parents’ Membership. The dependent may purchase either an Associate Legacy Membership or a Resident Legacy Membership. Memberships may also be purchased before a child’s 25th birthday.

Legacy Members have all the rights and privileges of either Associate or Resident Members. The Initiation Fee is reduced by 30% of the fees in effect when the Legacy Membership is purchased. We offer 36-month financing options.

Legacy Membership: Ages 25 Dues Only Option
When a dependent turns 25, that dependent may elect to pay individual associate monthly dues (if the Membership is for an Individual, not a Couple or Family) and no initiation fee until the dependent’s 26th birthday. At that point, the dependent must pay the reduced Legacy initiation dee and continue paying monthly dues. The initiation fee, dues and discount percentage will be based upon the Legacy Membership procedures and policies that are in effect on the Legacy Member’s 26th birthday.

Note: All initiation fees and dues are subject to applicable taxes, which are in addition to said initiation fees and dues. Initiation fees are subject to change without notice. Financing plans are available for all initiation fees.

For more information about your membership please contact our Club Sales department at 713.316.2729.


Cher Harris
President of Club Services

Colleen Kennedy
Director of Sales

Kelley Bettis
Assistant General Manager