Refine Studio

Refine Studio (Private Yoga)

Refine is a 430 square foot studio dedicated to yoga privates and specialty classes. Refine has cork floors with one wall of Stall Bars, one wall of a beautiful 9-station Yoga Wall, and 5 aerial silk stations suspended from the ceiling. This is an exceptional space to REFINE skills and supplement your practices.

Aerial Silks

$55/person for a 50-minute group class
Contact Maria Kelly at for more information.
Aerial silks also referred to as anti-gravity yoga, is a practice utilizing a silk hammock to perform yoga poses and stretches. The purpose of the hammock is to provide support through your yoga flow, while also improving strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

Yoga Wall

$30/person for a 60-minute group class
Beginner, intermediate, and restorative class formats are available.  
Private, semi-private and private group classes are available beginning at $90/person.

Email for Yoga Wall reservations and to be included on the Yoga Wall email list to receive the latest class info and updates.
Enjoy the Yoga Wall method of joint decompression and overall structural wellness.  Leave feeling longer, taller and all stretched out after experiencing traditional yoga poses as the wall supports your body and gravity does the rest!