Synergy Studio

The newest addition to The Houstonian Group Exercise Program. Our Synergy Studio offers a variety of innovative and energetic small group classes utilizing the Pilates Reformer and Versa Climber. The studio is dedicated to Kim Kilway, a long-time Houstonian Instructor who brought the definition of Synergy to life. The classes offered in this studio will honor her legacy of musicality and class presentation skills that create the optimal workout experience.
Reserve your spot by using the Houstonian app under the "Class Reservations" tab.


Class Formats

Burst (50 minutes) –We have combined the Pilates Reformer and VersaClimber to create a class that will challenge your cardio, coordination and flexibility. This cardio class will take you through drills and push you to your max. Use the music to get into your zone!
No Reformer experience is needed. $45

Reform (50 minutes) - Enjoy the challenge of the Pilates reformer in a group class designed to introduce the basic principles of Pilates. The class format can vary as instructors utilize the jump board, Bala beam and light weights to enhance your experience on the Pilates reformer. Prior reformer experience is highly recommended. $40

Beat Climb (30 minutes) – Climb to the beat in this intense cardio workout on the Versa Climber. Let the music drive you as we take you through upper and lower body drills for a full-body workout. $30

Stop & Stretch (30 minutes) – You haven’t really stretched until you have experienced a deep stretch using our Pilates reformer.  We will also add the foam rollers to simply...stretch. No reformer experience is needed. $30