What is Studio 360?

Studio 360 offers small group sessions as well as private and semi-private sessions, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment like Kinesis Omega, TRX, Indo-Row, Power Plate and much more in a private studio setting.

Kinesis Omega – offers an almost limitless range of movement possibilities, all of which can be segmented into specific programs.  These programs can then be tailored to the needs of a wide variety of populations from sport-specific, to active aging, to rehabilitation, and more.  Experience the balance, strength and flexibility of Kinesis Click Here.
TRX Suspension Training System – was developed by a Navy Seal and involves using ones own body weight, suspended against gravity, to achieve maximum strength training benefits.  To experience TRX difference Click Here.

Power Plate – advanced vibration technology using the principles of Acceleration Training to improve strength, power, and performance, leading to the enhancement of overall health and wellness.  To Feel the Vibe, watch this quick 7 minute demonstration video of the Power Plate in action Click Here.
Studio 360 was created to encourage and motivate Houstonian members to take fitness "full circle" in their lives.  It is not just about "losing a few pounds".  It is about making a commitment to fitness that is truly life-changing. Benefits include, time effective workouts, sport-specific training, injury rehabilitation, and individual training and instruction.
In Studio 360, we create a "circle of support" for our members by providing them with state of the art equipment, a highly trained and motivating staff, and the encouragement and camaraderie of fellow members in a small-group setting.  This support system provides Houstonian members with an environment where they can successfully challenge themselves to achieve their highest level of fitness possible. 
Our Studio 360 Team is dedicated to helping each member experience the satisfaction of improving their overall health and enriching their lives through their participation in our program.  We believe that by helping our members strengthen their bodies and challenge themselves physically, we are also helping them to achieve happiness and balance with their family and loved ones in their daily lives.   

Studio 360 Group Classes
Step Up To The Plate - Enjoy a full 30-minute session on the revolutionary Power Plate System. (Includes stretch, strength, core, and a wonderful massage) 

Kinesis Konnection - Experience the most amazing connection with movement and power on the Kinesis cable system. You must feel it to believe it! 

Kettlebell 360 - Come experience the newest strength and conditioning class in Studio 360! This effective tool creates a workout with a high caloric expenditure and builds your core like never before. 

Indo-Row® - The unique format of Indo-Row® captures all the elements of competitive, on-water rowing, creating a class that is fast-paced and engaging from the first minute. From "Skills and Drills” to "Waves and Recoveries,” and the final build up to a friendly but competitive "Race,” Indo-Row® quickly converts first-timers to devoted team members. 

360 Combo - "Shake it up” and experience all of the modalities in one 60 minute session! Instructor will direct participants through a variety of exercises utilizing the Power Plate, Kinesis Wall, TRX station, Indo-Row® , Rip Trainer, ViPR and more! 

360 X-press - An abbreviated version of the 360 Combo class utilizing all modalities, conveniently delivered in a time-efficient 30 minute session! 

Teen 360 - Workouts for teens. These can be sport-specific, or for teens who are new to fitness. Classes cover injury prevention, corrective movement patterns, cardio coaching, and general nutrition information provided by Houstonian dietician.

Studio 360 Class and Session Pricing:

Group Instruction

Group Session: 1- 4 people                     Group Session: 5 or more people
 $40/person per class (30-minutes)         $30/person per class (30-minutes)
 $50/person per class (45-minutes)         $40/person per class (45-minutes)
 $65/person per class (one hour)             $55/person per class (one hour)

Private Instruction

Private:                                         Semi-Private:
 $65 per person (30-minutes)       $50 per person (30-minutes)
 $80 per person (45-minutes)       $65 per person (45-minutes)
 $95 per person (one hour)           $75 per person (one hour)

If you are interested in receiving a Complimentary Demonstration in Studio 360, or would like further information about our program, please email Melissa Shippy at