How do I sign up?

There are two registrations you must complete.

To register for The Houstonian Club Hammerhead team complete the online registration form: Team fees are non-refundable and non-transferable and for club members will be charged to your membership account. Non-Houstonian team members will be contacted via email with payment information.  Credit card payments are accepted.

If you are joining the team to train for the MS-150, you also need to register for the MS-150 ride. This can also be done on-line at .

How should I approach the MS-150 in regards to training?

There is nothing that can replace time in the saddle, on the road. Try to attend as many of the 12 weekend team training rides as you can.  With the exception of one weekend, all team training rides will be held on Saturday.  As the season progresses, the training rides will become longer and more challenging.  Each ride will have a "short" and "long" course option.  Rides are fully supported with SAG and rest stops.  The picnic loop at Memorial Park is a quick way to get in some mileage during the week, without a long drive. In addition, spinning is a good indoor alternative for the weekdays.

What do I need for the ride?

Besides your bike, you need a helmet, shoes, protective eyewear, water bottles or a camelback and a saddle pack that contains a spare tube, tools to change a tire, a CO2 cartridge and it never hurts to carry a little cash. For colder weather rides, arm and leg warmers are suggested.

What about fund-raising?

The MS150 website has great fundraising tips. Don’t lose sight of why we do the ride – 79 cents of every dollar raised goes towards the devastating effects of MS. Ask all your friends, family, coworkers, etc. for donations and set up your own personal page. Donations can be made on your behalf, on-line, with a credit card.  Please contact Greer Barnes at, if you need assistance setting up your personal fundraising page.  We ask that all team members commit to try and raise a minimum of $1,500.  

What should I pack for the ride?

  • Jersey for Sunday

  • Bike shorts for Sunday

  • Socks

  • Cycle shoes

  • Helmet

  • Water bottles or camelback

  • Sunglasses

  • Change of clothes for Saturday (remember your Hammerhead t-shirt) and Sunday (don’t forget shoes to wear after the ride)

  • Shower items – including towel

  • Plastic bag for bike saddle for Saturday night

  • Sleeping bag if you plan to sleep in the tent – air mattresses are provided

What happens when we get to La Grange on Saturday?

Sign up for your massage as soon as you get in. Grab some food, take a shower, and enjoy the rest of your day.  The team tent can be used for overnight sleeping.  The Houstonian Club will provide air mattresses for those sleeping in the team tent.

What happens Sunday morning?

A pancake breakfast is served by the MS, but we’ll also have food in the tent. Have breakfast, pack up your luggage and get ready to ride.

What happens when we get to Austin on Sunday?

If you’re taking the bus back to Houston, the first thing you need to do is load your bike on the truck. Bike trucks will fill up slower than the buses – you don’t want to get back to Houston before your bike. There are shower facilities and lots of food in Austin. So, sit back and relish in your accomplishment!

Who is the primary contact for questions?

For more information, contact Greer Barnes at