Youth Swim

Youth Swim Programs (Ages 5 - 14)

All programs and lessons are for active Houstonian Club Members only.

Private Swim Lessons  
Our pools are heated, so private swim lessons are available year-round. Private lessons can begin at 6 months old and give a child one-on-one instruction and feedback to help speed their progress and refine their skills. They are great for introducing a child and helping them overcome fears. Our instructors steer their teaching to match the student’s personalities and needs.

Group Swim Lessons (See descriptions below) 
May through August 
The lessons are for children ages 15 months to 6 years old. Water safety is taught along with age-appropriate skills to help a child become water safe and confident in the water. 

2021 Youth Swim Program Guide

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Aquatots - Parent-Child Class - ages 15 to 36 months Skills: water acclimation, safety, entering & exiting the pool, blowing bubbles, jumping in the pool, floating, and arm and leg movements. Every child MUST have an adult in the water with them.
Angelfish - Beginner - ages 30 to 48 months, Limited to two students per group. The small setting ideal for first-timers, and those in transition from a parent-child class. Skills include: Putting face in the water, blowing bubbles, floating, kicking, beginning arm movement, and water safety. Angelfish Classes are offered from April through August. Angelfish Information SheetAngelfish Rules and Risks

Seahorse - Intermediate - are for the more advanced 3 to 4 year old can submerge face underwater, blow bubbles and move through the water with no assistance. Skills include; Floating, freestyle, kicking, coordination of arms and legs, backstroke and water safety. who has had some swimming lessons. Skills: Floating, arm strokes, kicking, coordination of arms and legs, gliding, beginning backstroke and water safety. Seahorse classes are offered from April through August. Registrations begin in January. Seahorse Information SheetSeahorse Rules and Risks
Sea Lions - Advanced - Ages 5 to 6 years. Children should already swim across the pool unassisted. Skills: Floating, arm strokes, lateral breathing, frog kick, backstroke, beginning dives, and water safety. Sea Lions classes are offered May through August. Registrations begin in January.

BlueFins Preseason is a one-month stroke technique development and conditioning program that prepares children for the BlueFins Swim Team. Ages 5 to 14. Register Now! BlueFins Pre-Season meets April 5 – April 30, 2021. Once you register on Camp Minder, you will have access to all of the BlueFins calendars, meet information and important dates. Swim test required BlueFins Swim Team | BlueFins Rules and Risks

BlueFins Swim Team is a Country Club League Swim Team for children ages 5 to 14. Register Now!  BlueFins Country Club League's regular season will be May 3 - June 26, 2021. Once you register on Camp Minder, you will have access to all of the BlueFins calendars, meet information and important dates.  May 3 - June 26, 2021. Swim test required.  BlueFins Swim TeamBlueFins Rules and Risks

AquaTech Program -  July – November 2021. This program is designed to aid in the development of the four competitive strokes, starts and turns. Our goal is to help build a basic understanding of the sport, thus preparing children for more intense programs and/or school competitions. The focus is placed on proper techniques, endurance and overall fitness. Ages 6 to 8 in the jr. group and 9 to 14. In the main group. The 6 to 8 jr. group will be a smaller group and the focus will be getting them to the level of swimming continuously. For more information contact: Clement Dulac at or at 713.316.2705. AquaTech Information Sheet

AquaEdge Swim Clinics for kids quickly teaches children the most important techniques for swimming fast and efficiently. Starts, turns and all four competitive strokes are covered. AquaEdge Swim Clinics Information Sheet | or contact Lead Swim Coach, Clement Dulac at

Private Swim Lessons Inquiry:  
Contact Kaitlyn Sowell, Youth Swim Program Coordinator at or 713.263.6563 for more information on swim lessons. 

Pricing Information:

Youth Swim Lessons Pricing:

30 Minute Private $55

45 Minute Private $80

60 Minute Private $95

30 Minute Duet $90    $45 per person

45 Minute Duet $130    $65 per person

60 Minute Duet $140    $70 per person

Pricing for trios (3) and quads (4) available upon request