Refine Studio

Refine Studio (Private Yoga)

Refine is a 430 square foot studio dedicated to yoga privates and specialty classes. Refine has cork floors with one wall of Stall Bars, one wall of a beautiful 9-station Yoga Wall, and 5 aerial silk stations suspended from the ceiling. This is an exceptional space to REFINE skills and supplement your practices.

Aerial Silks

$55/person for a 50-minute group class
Contact Maria Kelly at for more information.
Aerial silks also referred to as anti-gravity yoga, is a practice utilizing a silk hammock to perform yoga poses and stretches. The purpose of the hammock is to provide support through your yoga flow, while also improving strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

Yoga Wall 

One of the only Yoga Walls in Houston! The Yoga Wall helps students discover more ease and adaptability in yoga poses and variations, decompressing the spine and joints with an abundance of therapeutic benefits. Beginners find body alignment and postural stability as they increase their internal strength while avoiding excessive strain on wrists and ankles. The Yoga Wall challenges the experienced student’s strength and flexibility and helps them finesse the more complex poses such as inversions and backbends.  All experience levels and body types benefit from the Yoga Wall method to better understand their bodies, hydrate the discs, decompress the joints, and improve mobility and overall structural wellness.

$30/person for a 60-minute group class
Private, semi-private and private group classes are available beginning at $90/person.

Yoga Wall Class Formats

 - Introduction Class - A practice that introduces the yoga wall with its belts and harnesses through simple and accessible poses, including mild inversions. Test drive the Yoga Wall before committing to a series of classes. Ideal for brand new Yoga Wall participants and can be repeated as desired.
 - Beginner 3-Class Series - Builds the knowledge and experience of the participants from one practice to another. Full inversions are explored by the third class. 
 - Intermediate 3-Class Series - Develops skills of the beginner series through more complex poses including full inversions. Participants must have completed a 'Beginner 3-Class Series'.
 - Restorative 3-Class Series - Emphasizes the calming side of the Yoga Wall possibilities. Poses are lower and mild not full inversions are explored at a slightly slower pace. Participants must have completed at least an 'Introduction Class' or a '3-Class Series.'  

Email for Yoga Wall reservations and to be included on the yoga email list to receive the latest class info and updates.