Pilates / Gyrotonic®

Our spacious and inviting Pilates Studio looks out onto a beautifully landscaped green area, providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere for our members and guests. Our experienced and certified teachers support their clients’ personal goals by bringing physical awareness, fitness, and alignment into each of their client's lives. 

Pilates is an effective, efficient, full-body workout that is based on the core principles of alignment, stability, and breath. This workout will lengthen your muscles and build strength without adding bulk, while also streamlining your body and adding muscle tone.

Everyone can benefit from Pilates. Pilates is something you carry with you for a lifetime, benefiting people of all fitness levels. Anyone can do it. The benefits range from helping the average person become more physically fit to perfecting the performance of the elite athlete. 

Session Fees:
Private 55-minutes:  $90
Private 30-minutes: $65 
Semi-Private 60-minute (2+ people):  $65 per person
Group Reformer Classes 50-minutes: $35 per session
Mat Classes: Complimentary 

Pilates Group Reformer Classes
Members participating in Reformer-based classes utilize the Reformer and a variety of other equipment throughout the studio. Reformer classes focus on alignment, core strength, legs, upper back and shoulder areas. Many members find the Reformer beneficial in injury prevention and rehabilitation. $35 per 60-minute session.

Gyrotonic Expansion System®
Our studio is appointed with state-of-the-art equipment including the Gyrotonic Expansion System® which works your body in a nonlinear way through circular movements. The Gyrotonic Expansion System® is based on dance, swimming, and gymnastics as well as yoga and tai-chi. This system enables one to achieve synchronized strength and flexibility, facilitating full articulation of the joints, neuromuscular coordination and balance.  Our experienced Gyrotonic® trainers offer personalized sessions that are adapted to fit the needs of all ages and abilities.

Session Fee:
Private 90-minute: $155
Private 60-minute:  $95
Semi-Private 60-minute (2 people): $65 per person

Aerial Pilates
Discover the blissful joy of Aerial Pilates and explore the evolution of yoga into 3-dimensional space. Enjoy safe and challenging levitation poses for all experience levels. Our dynamic Aerial Fitness class, Private or Semi-Private, offers a new dimension of fun to your traditional workout.

Session Fee:
Private 60-minute $95
Semi-Private 60-minute (2-3 people): $60 per person
To receive further information about Pilates, Gyrotonic ®, Aerial Pilates or our Group Reformer classes, please get in touch with the Pilates Department at pilates@houstonian.com or 713.263.6600.