Adult Swim

Water Fitness Classes: 
WALK Your Posture
Participants will focus on building core strength and posture using water resistance and water gear in this shallow water. Water shoes are recommended. 

Flex Joint
In our warmest pool, you will work on flexibility and range of motion "joint work," from head to toe.

Body in Motion
This 30-minute workout will have you moving through the water at various speeds and tempos. Different pieces of equipment will be used for added resistance, core challenge and balance. Water shoes are recommended. 

Turbulent Waters 
Get ready for a high intensity, calorie-burning, deep water workout. We'll focus on form and speed while moving the water around you to create more turbulence. 

This 90-minute class will focus on targeting the abdominals in various ways, while still getting a full-body workout. 

The great thing about HIIT, you only need to do it three times a week. Increase your V02 Max doing intense cardio workout with the benefits of strength training and core stabilization. Get HIIT. Get Hooked. 

SwimFit: Adult Swim Programs

From beginner lessons to competitive swimming, programs offer conditioning, stroke technique and fun challenges for every age and skill level. Great for those interested in Master's Competitive Swimming, Triathlons or fitness swimming. SwimFit classes are held year-round unless otherwise stated.

Endurance Fitness Swimming
From elite to beginner, the SwimFit classes offer conditioning, stroke technique and fun challenges.  These classes are great for anyone interested in Master's Competitive Swimming, Triathlons, or fitness swimming. Workouts will vary with a shorter distance to longer distance swims, from stroke sets (of the different strokes) to kicking sets. Skill level will be based on the individual swimmer's abilities.
Fired Up
Get Fired Up in this power and speed class. Focused on sprinting with various amounts of rest, you will be pulling parachutes and other gear in the water for more strength and power.  Whether you are new to swimming, experienced, or swim laps for fitness, this class will get you off plateaus for improved fitness and strength results.

Speed and Power
Swimmers of all fitness levels come out and challenge yourselves with intensity being your key. Improve your power and speed in the water with a focus on technique and explosive swimming. We will swim shorter, fast swims with larger rest so you can truly test your speed and challenge yourself. We will work in different ways on your power, coordination and timing to improve your fitness as well and lower your times in all distances. The faster your maximum speed, the faster your easy speed for even distance-based swimming. Get ready for intensity and fun!

The Mighty Mile
In every class there will be a one-mile challenge, whether it will be a straight time trial or a set or sets that add up to a mile, you will do a mile of fast swimming. It may be broken in different ways with recovery mixed in, but the goal will be better pacing and increasing your aerobic threshold. Great for all swimming levels and triathletes, you will test yourself every few weeks to see your overall mile time drop. Watch your fitness level improve, set and reach goals while having fun. 

Swimtensity is a new aquatics course that will incorporate high-intensity and ultra-short race pace efforts to build fitness and improve performance in and out the pool.  Core and stability exercises to boost fitness and power.  If you are a recreational or Masters swimmer looking for a way to gain that extra boost of fitness or time drop at your next swim meet, then Swimtensity is for you.  To be prepared for swimming along with dryland exercise, please wear fitness attire along with your swimsuits.

H.I.T.S. (High-Intensity Training Swim)
A great class for those who are looking to build upon their cardio abilities while building the musculature of the whole body. Building muscle is achieved by switching between muscle groups throughout a workout while pushing to maintain a medium to high heat rate. There will never be repeat workouts, so you can expect fresh sets and creative coaching each day. Specific instruction will be given on how to better improve strokes and become more efficient in the water to each SwimFit member during every workout.

Challenge Set
This swim workout will consist of a main "challenge set" that will push your limits. The challenge set will vary from workout to workout and will be designed from a speed set to an endurance set. There might be a challenging pull or kick set included for the workout.

Swim Strong
A swim class designed for all levels of swimmers to improve their fitness, speed, technique, and confidence in the water through carefully designed practices that can modified to conform to the level of the individual swimmer.  

Go The Distance
The swim workout will be designed for a distance swim to build endurance as well as speed. Each class will be divided into different distance sets, but will still cover maximum yardage. Focus on pacing and pace management for a designed distance. 

SwimFit SwimTek
An innovating swimming workout emphasizing all four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly) and cardio fitness. Ideal for individuals wanting to improve overall core conditioning.

SwimTek-Swim Technique Video Analysis for Adults
Stroke Analysis filming above and below water with analysis and tips from a swim coach. By appointment.

Private Swimming Lessons
It’s never too late to learn to swim! If you would like to refine your strokes, learn to do flip-turns, prepare for a race or overcome a fear of the water, our pools are heated and lessons are available year-round. 

SCUBA Progams

Starfish TM and Scuba Rangers TM 
SCUBA Rangers TM and Starfish TM kids will learn water safety, team building, and responsibility. Starfish (ages 3 1/2 to 7) is beginning snorkeling skills. SCUBA Rangers (ages 8 to 12) is both snorkeling and SCUBA. Call Ann Keibler at 713.523.3483 at Oceanic Adventure. 

Adult Open Water SCUBA
Become a certified Open Water Diver. SCUBA is a great activity for the family to do together! Join a regularly scheduled class, create a private program or learn in your home coordinated with Houstonian instructors. Call Ann Keibler at 713.523.3483 at Oceanic Adventure. 

For more information please contact the Aquatics Department at 713.685.6751.

The aquatics class schedule is available on the Houstonian app under "Aquatics" -> "Aquatics Class Schedule" and under "Events" and "Class Schedule."