Course: Threat assessment and personal security.  Situational awareness briefing.  

Matthew Brockmann is the founder of MAST Solutions, a Tactical Training Company located in Houston TX. MAST Solutions an acronym for "Modern Application of Shooting and Tactics, has been operating in Houston, TX since 2005. Matthew has trained the US Military, DEA, High Risk Warrant teams, Houston SWAT and tactical teams, as well as other Federal Agencies. Matthew has trained with Navy SEALS, Recon Marines, DELTA, Special Forces, PJ’s para rescue, and a host of other specialized subject matter experts, developing a comprehensive and vibrant training program for personal security. Matthew received his teaching certificate for a FMR DELTA Operator who brought troops in contact home, during the "Battle of Mogadishu" (Reference Black Hawk Down, Hoot). MAST Solutions is featured on TV shows like Modern Shooter TV, and is working with Guns Digest as a creator and editor for a new series, focused on personal protection media. MAST Solutions teaches and consults everyone from local boy scouts, attorneys, ladies, pro athletes, and other private citizens who take the preservation of life seriously.

We hope our core values; honor, integrity, discipline, loyalty and courage, align with yours. We teach 7 skills. Firearms, hand combat, knife combat, CQB, fitness, medical and leadership. MAST offers, notably the best weapons and tactics training in Houston, TX and is nationally recognized and regarded.

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