What it Means to Have a Healthy Child

Being healthy is extremely important to many of us and a very common new year’s resolution, but have you considered if your children are healthy?

Most children seem healthy and we don’t question it but let’s break down a child’s health. There are a few different aspects that go into this, some being: physical health, eating habits, exercise, and mental health. 

Physical health includes if your child has any predisposed conditions. If your child has one of these it is best to have a good relationship with their doctor and keep an eye on this. If a child does have a predisposed condition it does not mean that your child can not be healthy, it just means their healthy might look different.

Eating habits are extremely important. It is easy for parents to fall into what is easy to pick up on the way home or something to just throw into the oven. Starting good eating habits young is extremely important. Not only will it help your child’s health right now but it will teach them how to continue good eating habits as an adult.

Learning how to exercise and why it is important at a young age is crucial. Children will not want to exercise if it seems like a chore, so make it fun! Parents can create workouts that the kids can enjoy and do with them. Playing sports is an easier way to get children moving and staying active.

Lastly, mental health is just as important as any of these. Children should be able to talk with their parents openly and not feel ashamed. When children are comfortable they can open up and express themselves properly. No matter how much we instill health into children, if this factor isn’t instilled in them it will be much harder to stay healthy.

By Youth Manager Jennifer Ayres.
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