Warm Up Your February

February seems to go on forever. We have now made it through the January resolutions, and we are ready for warmer weather. Here are a few ways to stay warm in February with your family. 

A Warm Drink and a Game
Nothing is better than some quality time with your family – children included or not! Warm up by having a hot drink like coffee, tea or hot chocolate and play a crowd favorite game. 

Bake Together
Warm up your kitchen with sweet smells and memories. This is great when it is multigenerational and you’re passing down that family recipe or simply spending some quality time with your spouse. 

Movie Night
Snuggle up with your family and enjoy an all-time favorite movie. Eat your popcorn with the fireplace burning and enjoy the time you get with loved ones. 

February seems like a long month, but plan it out with things that keep you warm and the time will fly by.
By Youth Manager Jennifer Ayres