The New Norm

As we are all aware things have been a little hectic for everyone lately, especially for the children. We knew schools had extended Spring Break, and the next thing we knew we were the teachers. We were trying to successfully teach our kid(s) how to multiply while stressing ourselves out to the maximum while using their new box method. Now we aren’t sure if they are returning to schools in the Fall. We are wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, staying home when we can, not going on vacation, etc. This is our new normal. So how do we talk to our kids about it?

The first thing to consider is your child’s age and maturity level. You know your child best. Some kids might just need to hear a simple explanation of what COVID is, and some might do better knowing more details. Next, take into account if your child will understand what you want to tell them and consider how much do you want to tell them. Sometimes children do not know how to express their feelings or thoughts. My last suggestion is to get ahead of this and initiate the conversation. Let your children talk about it freely and ask you questions. Let them know you are there to talk to them and that you can answer their questions. Don’t forget to tell them how great it is to spend this much time with them as a family. Just remember when they are older they will remember how much fun it was to spend time at home with mom and dad!
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