Houstonian Club Summer Camp

Summer camp is just around the corner, with The Houstonian Club’s summer camps starting on June 1! We are so excited to see our returning campers and all of the new faces as well. At The Houstonian Club, your families’ health and happiness are our priorities, and that is exactly what our summer camp is all about.

Summer camp is very important for a child’s growth, development and overall summer experience. For our younger children, camp is a great orientation of sorts before they start school. We help them establish a routine and familiarize them with group activities. For our older kiddos, we remind them how it feels to have fun without electronic devices. No matter what age your child is, we think creating and maintaining the relationships between our campers is a priority. 

Our Houstonian Club summer camps are separated into three distinct categories. We have Youth, Racquets, and Aquatics summer camps. For more information, please contact:
Youth Camps – Doris Cooley at dcooley@houstonian.com
Racquet Sports Camps – Mike May at mmay@houstonian.com 
Aquatics Camps – Kaitlyn Sowell at ksowell@houstonian.com

We look forward to seeing you and your children at camp this year!