What's New on the Group Exercise Schedule?

Come and fly with our instructors for a low-impact and fun experience. This class focuses on plyometrics, aerobic cardio, and resistance training that will help your muscles maximize their force without the pain. This class is fun and high energy, come and take flight!

Jump & Pump
Always wanted to try Urban Rebounding but intimidated by the pace?  Or not sure you want to bounce continuously for long periods? Then this is the class for you! Jump up your fitness level one song at a time in this fun, easy-to-follow, workout utilizing the rebounder and a variety of strength equipment. Each class is uniquely choreographed with cardio drills, core work, total body strength and standing balance routines. Combine K.A.R.B. and Cutting EDGE, set it to music, and throw in a rebounder!

Ultimate Conditioning
The ultimate total body cardio workout that rounds out any fitness routine. You will challenge your body in different ways, at different speeds in this cardio resistance class utilizing a variety of equipment. Bring your best effort while we focus on mind-body, stamina, and strength, ending with a well-deserved yoga stretch.   

It’s amazing what you can do with just one piece of equipment! Get ready for an intense strength, stability and cardio workout utilizing the TRX straps. The unique training capabilities on the TRX system allow you to work multiple body parts simultaneously, providing a total body workout and challenging the core the entire time. All fitness levels are welcome.

Pilates on the Bosu
Using Pilates principles and the BOSU, this class will challenge your core and your balance in multi-dimensional ways. Take your Pilates workout, literally, to another level and enjoy this new enjoyable workout. 

Soul Grooves
A high-energy, heart-pounding, calorie-burning, hip-hop inspired dance guaranteed to make you sweat. In 60 minutes, you will learn up to 12 upbeat, medium-impact dance, and cardio routines.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi utilizes the mind, breath, and fluid, spiraling motions through a sequence of movements called Forms to harness, circulate and store chi or life energy. We’ll learn our Tai Chi ABCs of proper Alignment, Breath, and Chi as an expression of the principle ‘mind moves chi; chi moves body.’  

Functional Strength
Functional strength is an integrated total body approach that guides participants to build strength and resilience (AKA injury prevention) of the entire body. The focus is on the movement or stability of all the parts of the body simultaneously, rather than isolated muscle movements. Regardless of your age or gender, your body craves integration of the deep and superficial musculature to improve muscular strength, power, endurance, balance, coordination, range of motion, and functional flexibility. 

Functional Balance
Increase your ability to balance and function by laying down new neural pathways and training your brain. Incorporating unstable surfaces and various props to challenge dynamic balance and improve quality of life. All ages are welcome.

Stop and Stretch
Stop in for 10 minutes and reward your body for its hard work. Enjoy soft music and a few moments to yourself as you help your muscles recover and relax.

Aerial Classes*
Aerial Silks, also referred to as anti-gravity yoga, is a practice utilizing a silk hammock to perform yoga poses and stretches. The purpose of the hammock is to provide support through your yoga flow while also improving strength, flexibility, and range of motion. (fee-based classes for kids and adults)

Synergy Studio*
We have introduced two new formats and several new instructors to the Synergy Studio.  Check out the full schedule on the Houstonian app!

Reform (50 minutes) Enjoy the challenge of the Pilates reformer in a group class designed to introduce the basic principles of Pilates. The class format can vary as instructors utilize the jump board, Bala beam, and light weights to enhance your experience on the Pilates reformer. Prior reformer experience is highly recommended. $40
Synergy (50 minutes) This creative, choreographed reformer class will take the content of our classic Reform class and give it a new flow! The movements will be coordinated with the music to create a synergistic group exercise experience. $40
Contemporary Reform (50 minutes) – A reformer Pilates class that focuses on slow, controlled movements encouraging deeper muscle engagement.  This style of Pilates targets slow twitch muscle fibers with the goal of fatigue in mind, keeping your muscles under tension for longer periods similar to Lagree© style classes. $40

*Reservations are required through the Houstonian app under the ‘Group Exercise Reservations’ tab.