The "Key" to Digital Lock Success

 In December of 2023, the Women’s Resident Locker Room received a digital lock upgrade, resulting in both Resident spaces being fully equipped with the best digital locks available on the market. These digital locks are also accessible to Members as Day Lockers (based on availability) in all four locker room spaces throughout the Club. As with anything new and unfamiliar in our daily lives, there is a learning curve involved in achieving optimum success with digital locks. 

It is not uncommon during this learning process for Members to experience confusion regarding whether the locks are working properly, and there is often an assumption that the batteries may need to be changed. In some cases, this may be true, but in most cases, a few simple tips can provide a successful path for our Members to receive the convenience of a secure and easily accessible locker without experiencing frustration.  
The five tips listed below will help ensure success with your new digital lock:

  1. Close your locker GENTLY. The new digital locks are equipped with a battery mechanism that can be sensitive to excessive force. If you slam your locker door forcefully, the battery may dislodge from the casing in the lock mechanism, which makes it seem as though the batteries have gone dead. This requires an attendant to open the mechanism and reposition the batteries to function properly. (Ex: If you slam your television remote on the table, the batteries may become dislodged in the same manner, requiring that you open the battery enclosure and reposition them.)

  2. Please be very careful NOT to overfill your locker. If shoelaces, clothing items, or other belongings are hanging out of the locker when you attempt to close it, this prevents the door from closing properly and causes pressure on the lock and latching mechanism.  This results in the casing sensor igniting the Reset button, which in turn makes the lock seem like it needs new batteries.

  3. Take your time when putting in your digital combination. Slowly and firmly press the POWER BUTTON (bottom left), your 4-digit code, and then the UNLOCK BUTTON (bottom right). If it does not immediately unlock, please wait 3-5 seconds before starting the 6-button process over again. 

  4. Please inform a locker room attendant if your locker door and latch are not aligned properly or if the locker door is difficult to close even when unobstructed. Our Engineering team can check to ensure the door is set properly and the latch and lock casing are aligned correctly for optimum performance with your new digital lock. 

  5. We are here for you! Please feel welcome to ask the locker room attendants in your spaces for assistance if you need support. It is our job to help you in these matters.
Following these simple steps will help ensure the best possible experience with your new digital lock.  
We also appreciate your support of fellow Members and our Locker Rooms team by demonstrating respectful behavior when utilizing the locker room spaces. As always, we request that you place your towels in the towel bins and your trash in the trash receptacles and follow the guidelines posted throughout the spaces. 

Thank you for being a valued Member of The Houstonian Club.