"I'm Too Young to Feel This Old!"

Have you ever had moments in your life where you think to yourself, "I’m too young to feel this old!” Maybe due to an injury or from a sedentary lifestyle? Being isolated or having an injury knocks us off our routine/exercise schedule. Not to mention, our mental well-being is now off-kilter because oxygen and nutrients aren’t being pumped into our brains due to lack of exercise. The brain hasn’t been releasing the "feel good” chemicals (dopamine/endorphins) we need to help release stress and anxiety. 

You may have a long list of reasons why you’re not exercising—I can’t stay on a consistent schedule; I’m weak because my muscles have atrophy; I’m emotionally/physically drained; the weather is too hot/cold; my joints hurt; my arthritis is acting up; I don’t know how to swim, or I just don’t have the will/want to. That very list that you have is the very reason to get started exercising. So, how do we get ourselves started, again? WATER AEROBICS! 

Here are some reasons why water aerobics is a great starting place: High-intensity with less stress/impact on joints/muscles in the water making it a perfect environment to move freely.— Increasing your range of motion; Resistance/strength training while working out in the water—without gravity; Strength training in the water—with or without equipment; Cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular endurance--increase lung capacity and heart efficiency; Improve agility--frequently changing directions in the water is a challenge that will no doubt help improve your sport; Improved balance—the water’s supportive properties will help protect you from falling, minimizing the risk of injury; A strong core--the core is constantly stabilizing in the water, strengthening the trunk muscle—improving posture.

In summary, water aerobics is literally a liquid gym. An overall strength training workout that burns calories, increases a sense of well-being, and you don’t have to know how to swim. A great exercise regimen no matter what ages, abilities, or injuries. Get wet and sweat. Invest in yourself and in your health. 

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By Charlotte Strom, Water Fitness and Swim Instructor