Happy April from The Covery by The Houstonian Club

We have arrived in springtime! The weather is getting warmer and it's time to get active in the sunny outdoors. However, with spring comes those terrible allergy symptoms. Have you been feeling under the weather? You can find some relief at The Covery! 

We are recommending the Infrared Salt Sauna, Red Light Therapy, and the Tri-Immune Shot this month. 
  • The Infrared Salt Sauna not only detoxifies you through infrared technology that penetrates deep tissue and muscle, but it also provides relief from irritation and congestion through the micro sized-salt particles that you breathe in during your session. 
  • Red Light Therapy gets the blood circulating throughout your face and nasal canals, which can significantly reduce discomfort from congestion and tension headaches. 
  • The Covery‚Äôs registered nurses on staff can administer our Tri-Immune Shot, which has Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Zinc. The combo of these three vitamins and minerals can boost your immunity and alleviate cold and allergy symptoms in as little as two days. 

Come visit us at The Covery on the lower level of the Club to start feeling your best!
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By: Savannah Dickerson, LMT and Covery Client Specialist