Houstonian 24/7 Video Library

Welcome to Houstonian 24/7 Video Library

The Houstonian Group Exercise Department is launching its first exclusive class video library. Our online library is complimentary to Houstonian Members and easy to stream from your mobile device or tablet. Enjoy unlimited anytime access from the comfort of your home or hotel room. Visit our member website and connect to a growing library of your favorite classes taught by your favorite instructors.

Many of our Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors are posting workouts and live classes which can be viewed on our various Houstonian Club Facebook Groups. Most live classes are in our Houstonian Club Group Exercise Facebook Group, the schedule is updated and posted weekly. To join a live class, go to the page around the time of the scheduled class and you should see the instructors name and a video streaming that you join. Join the Group Exercise Facebook Group Here. You can watch these live videos at a later time under the “Video” tab in the group (or under “Photos” in the group if you are on your cell phone).