You wouldn’t think there is a no fly zone in swimming, but there is. Coming into this specific area will hurt your shoulders and hurt the efficiency and power of the stroke. There are two parts of a freestyle pulling stroke; the active and passive (recovery) portion of the stroke. In both of these portions, there is a portion that gets into ‘dangerous’ territory. The most common mistake is during the active part of the stroke called the pull. During the pull, your arm is displacing water in front and under you in order to move forward. The No Fly Zone during this portion is crossing the midbody. At no point should the hand, wrist, or forearm ever cross the midline of the body. This places strain on the shoulder as opposed to engaging larger muscle groups and slicing the water, this is when your hand is finding the path of least resistance. While you are swimming, be mindful and make sure that you do not enter the No Fly Zone.
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