Looking healthy and staying fit can easily be a full-time job and unfortunately, that’s what keeps us away from the Club. Have you ever set the alarm for a 6 a.m. workout and decided you’d rather sleep in an extra half hour? We have all been there. But the fact of the matter is, consistency over time is what gets results. That holds true for many aspects of our lives. A healthy lifestyle is not just about working out. It is a balance of life that includes eating a nutritiously dense diet, getting a good night’s rest, mental health, and physical recovery (active or passive).

Recovery is the process of cell regeneration whether it is post-workout, or a result from an injury or stressful life event. It is also crucial for recuperation from LIFE.

From a mood perspective, when we don’t get enough sleep we get grumpy, short-tempered and most likely don’t give our best efforts. From a fitness standpoint, when we don’t incorporate recovery work, we are more prone to muscular stiffness and injuries that could range from small muscular tears to lifelong debilitating postural issues.

Ways to Recover Passively:
  • Sleep
  • Massage
  • Steam/Sauna/Jacuzzi
  • Hydration (water and electrolytes)
  • Meditation (Yoga Nidra, The Meditation Class)
  • Self-Myofascial Release
There are also ways to recover actively. For example, if you are a person who enjoys high intense cardio or weight workouts, recover with Yoga, Pilates, or Gyrotonic® on alternate days which will allow you to apply less load on the joints and enjoy another movement variety. You can also cross-train by swapping classes to challenge different muscle groups, alternating between your regularly used prime movers of the body and smaller muscles groups that assist prime movers and provide stability.

Ways to Recover Actively:

  • Low impact cardio class (Burn Baby Burn)
  • Non-gravitational workouts – (Aerial Classes)
  • Stretching or yoga (Mobility Activation Stretch or All Balls Class)
  • Pilates (private or group reformer classes)
  • Gyrotonics®

The Club offers so many options for a healthy, active lifestyle.  Make it a part of your weekly ritual to enjoy staying fit while giving your body the chance to recover and regenerate.

See you at the Club!

Melody Allen, LPC-S
Houstonian Pilates and Gyrotonic® Method Instructor