Please follow these simple Group Exercise policies to ensure a pleasant experience for all participants.

Be sure to refrain from wearing scented lotions, perfumes or colognes to class.  

Remember to silence cell phones and avoid using them during class. We ask that you kindly exit the studio should you need to address an issue on your phone.

Please follow the instructor’s routine (with modifications) in all classes and refrain from doing completely different exercises from what is being demonstrated.  

If you are struggling to follow choreography or are new to what is being presented, choose a place in the studio that will not distract other participants who are more familiar with the movements.

Kindly utilize the markers on the floor in the studios to line up mats and benches when classes are at capacity.  

Follow the instructor’s direction regarding fan usage and select a space in the studio that is most likely to fit your temperature preference.  

We ask that you please show respect and consideration to all participants by being flexible with studio space (no one has a specific assigned spot in the room) and by not saving spots or equipment for late-comers.  

Please help us keep the studios tidy between classes by picking up towels, cups and personal belongings after class.