Lately, it seems the concept of "fasting” has been spreading like wildfire. Many people have either completed a fast or are thinking about trying one. Fasting is a hot topic because of the implications on improving health. Losing weight, improving metabolic health markers and longevity are some of these benefits. Fasting, if done correctly, can be a great tool to use.
What is fasting? 
Fasting is simply abstaining from food and beverage for a specific period of time. After a 24 hour fast, certain cellular pathways communicate to our bodies that we are fasting. Once this pathway is triggered, cellular optimization begins. 
There are many ways to fast: water fasting, intermittent fasting (most popular), time-restricted feeding and the fasting mimicking diet (prolonged fasting). The Fasting Mimicking Diet was developed by a team at the University of Southern California and involves 5 consecutive days of fasting with food once per month, for three months. It is a plant-based and natural diet that is backed by the National Institute of Health. 
Benefits of Fasting:
  • Weight loss, reduced abdominal fat; maintain lean body mass
  • Shown to support overall metabolic health: cholesterol, fasting blood glucose, blood pressure, lean body mass protection 
  • Supports cell regeneration and increased stem cell circulation
  • Impacts markers associated with longevity and health span
Join the Club Nutrition team on June 11 at 10 a.m. or 6 p.m. to see whether a fasting program is a good fit for you!
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