How low can you go?
With this phrase, I work on a student’s ability to have forehand and backhand ball judgment. I have always been interested in studying my students’ ability to track the ball in early stages of development. If a student does not learn at an early stage how to track a ball, their ball judgment skills will be a handicap for the rest of their tennis career. In general, most students run directly into the ball. They have no understanding of the concept of movement in relationship with the ball. Their mind does not grasp the concept of stretching time and knowing where to be to allow the ball to drop lower. In most cases, running directly into the ball would lead to a significantly higher strike zone which may not be conducive to the strategic situation that they are in. A good way to practice hitting lower balls is to use two and sometimes three bounces to train the student to wait and move to the end of the bounce thus finding more time and becoming a better receiver of the ball.  

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