During a recent National United States Professional Tennis Association conference in New York, I attended a lecture on nutrition for athletes, focusing specifically on tennis players.  Athletes require a lot of energy to power through practices, workouts and busy schedules. Snacks are the perfect option when you’re on the go and can’t slow down, or when you need to bridge the gap between meals.
We were told to choose snacks that combine at least two of the food groups (carbs, protein and fat) to give you sustained energy and keep you going strong.  Here are some of the suggestions recommended by the nutritionist for the USPA headquarters in Orlando, Florida:
Before Exercise:
High carbohydrate
Moderate protein
Low fat and fiber
High fluid
High salt (if hot/humid weather)
After Exercise:
High carbohydrate
Moderate to high protein
Moderate fat and fiber
High fluid
High salt (if you are a heavy sweater)
Suggested Snack Combos:
Chocolate milk + fresh fruit
Tortilla chips + salsa or guacamole
Peanut butter + jelly sandwich
Tortilla wrap + deli meat + cheese
English muffin + scrambled eggs + cheese + veggies
Hummus + pita chips + veggie sticks
Greek yogurt + granola + fruit
Cottage cheese + fruit
Protein bars