Need a new workout regimen? Looking to gain some muscle tone or clean up your diet, but don’t know how? Revolution Shape Up (RSU) is a complete weight management program incorporating nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, and lifestyle modification coaching. This program offers 5 exercise classes per week, nutritional seminars, monthly In-Body assessments and discounted offers around The Club. RSU started in 2002 and after 16 years, it has earned its reputation for producing successful results.
The next 10-week session starts September 10 through November 16, 2018.
Here’s what RSU can do for you!

DeeDee lost 27.1 inches, 25.3 lbs. and 11.6% body fat in her first 6 months!

After DeeDee Gilder lost her husband to cancer, she turned to RSU to establish accountability and consistency. She wanted to lose weight, get back into shape, and find a community that truly cares about achieving their goals. DeeDee had participated in RSU in the past and she knew it was the perfect way to meet all her needs. She achieved her success by implementing a consistent workout regiment, a healthy diet, and setting realistic, lifestyle goals. "I can’t imagine my life without Leslie and Ronnie!” says DeeDee. "This program brings me so much joy and my results have been incredible. I now enjoy buying clothes and it is exciting getting compliments and feeling great again. Even though I consider myself a healthy eater, I always learn from the dietitian lectures and I get great ideas from my peers. We all hold each other accountable. I am now dedicated to lifelong health and fitness goals and being a good role model for my boys.”

For more information about RSU, please contact Leslie Klaus, at 713-628-4802 or