We want you, our Members to get the most out of your membership and to enjoy all of our facilities this summer. We love having your guests in our facility and in order to accommodate them in the best way possible we would like to remind you of our Guest Policies. 
  • Houstonian Club Members may have the same guest twice per month, not to exceed 12 times per year.  
  • The only exception to this guest policy is grandchildren and out of town guests. Grandchildren may utilize the club twice per month up to 24 times per year.
  • A Member may only bring a maximum of four, registered guests per day.  Any additional guests must be approved by the Director of Membership and we will only be able to accommodate them during off peak times.
  • We do not have temporary memberships. Birthday parties and graduation parties are only scheduled during off peak times. 
  • Members may email the Director of Membership, Colleen Kennedy at ckennedy@houstonian.com for any requests regarding out of town visitors. We will honor requests for a period not to exceed two weeks.