Trust The Shop at The Houstonian to lead you in the right direction when it comes to the hottest summer trends. Camo print is the latest trend we love, taking you from the field to fashionista this Fall. Our military uses camouflage to conceal, but there‚Äôs nothing to hide about this print. As steamy summer days blend into the cooler temperatures of the latter part of the year, showcase your Fall harvest spirit with seasonal colors. Our newest hardtail collection will ease you into August with beautiful army greens and browns.  Fashion will take the power from the palette, not the heavyweight of winter fabrics. We look forward to seeing you in The Shop soon. 

  1. Corkcicle 16 oz canteen - $34.94
  2. HardTail Forever swing top - $64
  3. E. Taylor Designs agate and leather necklace - $128
  4. Koala Kanvas East-West bag - $168
  5. Kaanas Barcelona lace-up sneaker - $139
  6. The South Candle in gunpowder - $32
  7. HardTail Forever drawstring short - $72