Tedros Teame relocated to Houston from Bologna (Italy) after graduating in Political Science from what is considered the oldest University in the world.

After working as a General Manager for a premier Italian pressure vessels manufacturing company and successfully organizing a multimillion-dollar sales network across the United States and Latin America in just five years, Tedros decided to join the big Houstonian family, bringing his wealth of operational organization skills and most importantly his innate ability to anticipate people needs.

Tedros brings also an unsurpassed ability to maintain a consistent standard of excellence inside the facilities ensuring that the members always enjoy a smooth and seamless experience each and every time they visit the Club.

He is a very committed and high energy level individual, passionate about serving the members and very enthusiastic about embracing new challenges to make our members experience memorable.

Tedros interests when not working are running, reading history books and travelling with is beautiful wife to Italy.