Group Exercise Reservations- MindBody

All Group Exercise/Aquatics/Youth Class Registration will be done through the MindBody Application.

To download the MindBody application, please search "MindBody" in the app store or follow these links on your device:
Apple iPad or iPhone: Click Here
Android/Google Play: Click Here


MindBody Update for Group Exercise Classes - January 2021:
In an effort to maximize the ease of making a MindBody class reservation and minimize empty spots in our classes, we will be updating our auditing procedures as of January 1st, 2021. Currently, our Group Ex. Team monitors class sign-ups on the MindBody app to remove Members who have registered for more than one class per day. We will be enforcing this rule and you may removed from a class without notice if you have registered for multiple classes for one day at any point during the 6-day period that classes are open for registration.
The Class Reservation Policy remains unchanged:
 - Classes are open for reservations via the MindBody app beginning 6 days before the class.
 - Members are limited to 1 class reservation a day.
 - Members may add a 2nd class reservation the "day-of”.
 - Members may "walk-in” to as many classes a day as there are open spots. Simply check with the instructor at the start of class.  
 - Only "registered” spots in a class count as a reservation. "Waitlisted" reservations are not counted towards the daily limit.
 - Remember that a waitlisted reservation will automatically bump up to become a "registered” spot with enough cancellations.  "Registered" spots count towards the daily limit. Keep an eye on your waitlisted reservations. You will receive an email when you are bumped into a class.
 - There are "BONUS” classes on the schedule that do NOT count towards the daily limit (Yoga on the Meadow, Meditation and others, titled as "BONUS” on MindBody).  
 - Cancelling an unneeded class reservation as early as possible and right up to class time is always helpful. We know our lives are fluid.
 - Steven Elizondo the Group Ex Manager is our go-to MindBody app contact person.  He can be reached at



Using the MindBody App for the First Time:


Reserving a Class on the MindBody App: