Jarrod Marrs

After completing his collegiate swimming eligibility at LSU, Jarrod was a professional swimmer from 1998 until his retirement from the sport in 2004.  Some of his achievements include multiple collegiate all American, multiple national champion, world champion, former American record holder, and at one time holding the number 1 world ranking for the 100 meter breaststroke. Through his own drive to be the best, his passion for fitness exploded.  He now thrives in sharing that with others by helping them reach their fitness goals.  For the past 12 years, as well as throughout his swimming career, Jarrod was also a coach, trainer, group fitness instructor, and consultant on strength and fitness plans for colleges and club swimming teams, as well as companies, groups, and individuals seeking various fitness goals.  He now is involved in all areas of fitness including specific sport training, nutrition, and personal training plans.  Jarrod works with clients with all ranges of ability. From beginner to elite. He takes a unique personal approach specific to each client. His intense personal drive echoes in his classes. He is determined to help everyone achieve their full potential and reach all their fitness goals through his classes, coaching, and training.  No matter how big or small, let Jarrod help you achieve what you are looking for!