Charlotte Alexander

Charlotte took her first yoga class in east Texas with her grandmother (Big Charlotte) when she was 17 years old. Five years of practice later and after being diagnosed with epilepsy, she received her certification from The Yoga Institute and began teaching. She has studied under Judith Lasiter, Maria Mendoza, Joseph Le Page, Gwen Lawrence, and Bryan Legere. She has a heart for others' pain & suffering and how the body carries the load of daily stress and injuries. After 14 years of teaching, her professional bag includes Yoga Wall, restorative/gentle yoga, Vinyasa Flow, prenatal yoga, and recovery+repair yoga for athletes. Charlotte is a retired studio owner and has trained/certified 100+ teachers. She currently works with D1 athletes and players in the NFL and NBA. Her bread and butter is an open-level vinyasa flow format mixed with a great playlist.