Enjoy the full range of the Yoga Wall system in all its flavors and variations. You are guaranteed a full spinal rejuvenation that includes always having the option of going upside down, experiencing gravity in a new way.  It's recommended that participants have completed at least 3 Beginner Yoga Wall classes to sign up for an Intermediate Yoga Wall class.  Limited to 6 participants.  Reservations made through The Houstonian app.  

Helpful Yoga Wall Info

 - Wear short- or long-sleeve shirts and closer-fitting bottoms.  No short-shorts please!

 - Avoid wearing jewelry.  Bracelets, necklaces, and dangling earrings can get caught in the straps.

 - We work in our bare feet.

 - Yoga Wall contraindications are migraines, high blood pressure, pregnancy and vertigo.  Reach out to Misha if you have concerns.   

Payment & Cancellation Policy

 - Unless otherwise directed, your Club account will be billed for the class fee.

 - All Yoga Wall classes adheres to the standard 24-hour Cancellation Policy: To avoid fees, cancel your class reservation > 24 hours before the class via the Houstonian app.

Yoga Wall Questions

 - Please email or text 281.635.0521 with your questions.