Why are Reservations Important?

When we reopened in May of 2020 there were reservations for almost everything on campus. These were necessary considering we could not reopen at full capacity. As time has progressed some services have lost the need for reservations while in other departments, like the Youth Department, there is still a need due to the nature of the business. 

How does the Youth reservation system work? If you are not registered in the Youth or Aquatics reservation system, you will need to register via myhoustonian.com or the MyHoustonian app. After registering, someone from the Youth Department will approve your account. We ensure that you are an active Member and the name submitted matches the Member number. After registration is complete, you will be notified and now able to log in here. You follow the steps of choosing a location, a child on your Membership (or adding a guest name), and a date/time. If there is a time that is already at capacity then the system will not allow further reservations for that time slot. After making your reservation, the home screen will show you all of your confirmed times.
If you ever need help creating a reservation, please feel free to call the Bungalow at 713.685.6753

Of course, we will accept walk-ins when we have available spots. On the other hand, if a Member tries to walk in with no appointment and we are at full capacity, please be understanding that we cannot give another Member’s appointment away. The Youth Department is very understanding that sometimes we underestimate how long it will take to get out of the house with children. Therefore, we do not give your appointment away should you be a few minutes late. If a cancellation needs to be made, we ask that it is done one hour prior to the start of the reservation. This is so we can contact whoever is on the waitlist and so they have enough time to get to the Club. Should a cancellation be made late or if a Member is a ‘no call no show’ to their reservation, the Youth Department does charge a $12 fee. This is to encourage Members to cancel an appointment they do not need and so other Members will have the chance to enjoy the Bungalow and Kid’s Gym. 

With all that said, I want to take a moment and thank all of our parents for going through this journey with us. We are constantly improving and we are excited for what is to come from the renovation. We love seeing our Houstonian kiddos grow and want to ensure we are giving the highest quality of care while maintaining the safety of the children. 
- Jennifer Ayres, Youth Manager