What's In your Bogg

  1. Original Bogg Bag $94: This bag ticks all of the boxes! Large enough for your beach essentials, sturdy enough for the sand, durable enough for your family, and can be easily rinsed and wiped clean.

  2. Dock & Bay Beach Towel $36: Quick-drying, sand repellant, eco-friendly, and a drawstring pouch included = the perfect beach towel. Available in additional colors.

  3. Freya Hat $240+: From beach to clam bake, coming soon in assorted styles and colors.

  4. Havaiana Flip Flips $30: Now available in a (new)tral metallic color.

  5. Top Tote Hat Clip $80: The ultimate accessory assistant! This magnetic hat clip attaches to the brim of your hat and hooks onto the handle of your bag/suitcase to travel seamlessly.

  6. Helen Jon Swimwear $94+: This new ring detail bikini top and bottom in the color ‘Cloudless Sky Blue’ is the suit that summer is begging for!

  7. Coola SPF: Don’t forget the sunscreen! We have a whole new line of sun care products by Coola at The Shop!

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