The Importance of Daily Sunlight During the Holiday Season

As the weather gets cooler, it is more difficult to spend as much time in sunlight as one should. Do not let that be you this holiday season. This article will outline the benefits of 10-30 minutes of unfiltered sunlight and provide insight into the negatives associated with the lack thereof.

First, ‘unfiltered sunlight’ means being outside in direct sunlight. Going outside is imperative because if the light is coming through the window while indoors, you will not receive the same benefits. Even if it is a cloudy day, still make a point to go outside - you will need to double your time spent outdoors. Ten to thirty minutes of unfiltered sunlight will increase Vitamin D production, an essential vitamin for overall health. Sunlight will also increase your quality of sleep, strengthen your immune system, improve your mood, reduce stress levels, and enhance cognition and brain function. If that is not enough persuasion to prioritize sunlight this holiday season, here are some of the negatives associated with not receiving sufficient sunlight.

Without adequate exposure to the sun, Vitamin D levels begin to decrease, which in turn results in diminished serotonin levels. Lower levels of serotonin are associated with a much higher risk of depression and anxiety. Sunlight is just as important for your mental health as it is for your physical health. Lack of direct sunlight can cause poor sleep, slower recovery times, and even decreased testosterone levels in men. Do not let that be you this holiday season! Be loving, be merry, and get your sunlight in!
By Houstonian Club Personal Trainer Zane Zbranek