SwimFit to Stay Fit

Beyond the physical benefits, swimming can boost your mood and reduce stress levels, which can improve your overall mental well-being. Incorporating complimentary SwimFit classes into your workout routine offers many benefits. 

Houstonian Club SwimFit classes are beneficial for improving recovery time for injuries, improving cardiovascular health, burning a plethora of calories, and possibly improving your sleep. 

The best part about our classes is that it provides bonding opportunities with your teammates and fellow Members. Our Members have a broad spectrum of swimming experience and backgrounds. This makes participating in classes fun and both physically and mentally rewarding. 

Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it does contribute to the improvement of a healthy lifestyle. 

The Houstonian Club offers SwimFit classes all throughout the week. The schedule is posted on the digital sign by the pools and is also listed on the ‘Class Schedule’ on the Houstonian app and on the Member website.

All you need is your swimsuit, a swim cap (if you have long hair), and swim goggles (goggles are available for purchase at The Shop at The Houstonian). The Houstonian Club provides kickboards and pull buoys for use during class.

If you would like guidance on which classes to attend, please contact Lead Coach Kalvin Spells at kspells@houstonian.com.
By Kalvin Spells, Lead Swim Coach