Summer Camp

With summer around the corner and kids almost out of school, it’s time to start planning how they will spend their summer vacation. One of the most popular and beneficial summer activities is summer camp, and here at The Houstonian Club, we are able to offer our Members just that! Our camp enables you to use the Club your family knows and loves without having to travel far away from home. We offer three different summer camps for your children; Youth, Racquet Sports, and Aquatics. Our goal is to create an environment in which your child is excited and feels comfortable when dropped off. Our main goal is for your kids to have fun, while being physically active and making lifelong friendships.

According to the American Camp Association, these are some of the benefits and anticipated outcomes of the camp experience:

Social Skills Development

Self-Respect and Character Building

Community Living/Service Skills

There are a few forms that are mandatory for enrollment when registering for camp. Most importantly is the Immunization Form. If there is a waitlist, it will be based on who turns in their completed forms first so make sure all forms are completed prior to the camp season. We look forward to seeing you all this summer and we can’t wait to make the best memories with your kids here at The Houstonian.
If you have any questions regarding summer camps at The Houstonian, please email

Registration is available online, click HERE 

To view the camp brochure, click HERE