Access Tag Policy Reminder

We love our Houstonian Club Members and our goal is to protect the exclusivity of your membership and keep the Club secure. To do this, we ask that you avoid sharing your personal access tag or key fob with Guests or other family members.

Access tags have a unique user identity and are not to be loaned or shared with others. Access tags are designed to control entry and restrict access to active Houstonian Club Members and authorized Guests. Sharing these tags can compromise the security of the Club, making it easier for unauthorized individuals to gain entry. Misuse of your access tag may lead to deactivation of the tag.

Everyone on your membership over the age of 9 can be assigned an access tag that they use to enter The Houstonian Club. Children between the ages of 9 - 11 may obtain an access tag if they have completed the Junior Youth Certification Program. Children between the ages of 12 –15 may obtain an access tag if they have completed the Youth Certification Program. All children must carry their access tag while on the campus. Information on both certification programs is available at the Welcome Desk.

In addition, all Houstonian Club Members are welcome to invite Guests to use the Club, per the Houstonian Club guest policy. All guests must check in at the Welcome Desk. Guests of Resident Members, over the age of 21 years old, will receive a ‘resident day tag’ that will grant them access to all resident-only areas during their visit. Guest passes may be requested through the Houstonian app or through

You may also request an access tag for your nanny or caregiver at the Welcome Desk. They will receive an assigned tag to access the Club, for up to 6 months at a time, once the caregiver form is completed and turned in. Please note that caregivers are not permitted to use the Club for personal use. For more information on this program, please inquire at the Welcome Desk. 

If you misplace your Houstonian Club access tag, you can purchase a replacement tag at the Welcome Desk for $20 + tax.