Membership Dues Options

Please fill out the form below and select your membership dues options based on the following plans.

Once an option is selected, it cannot be changed or modified. If no option is selected by Friday, April 17, your membership will default to Option A. *Please note your membership account will be billed as normal on April 1. If you choose Option B below, the appropriate credit will be applied and appear on your May statement.

*Option A - You may continue to pay your full membership dues. To show our appreciation, Members exercising this option will receive a gift card with credit equal to one month's dues when the Club reopens.

*Option B - You may pay 50% of your monthly dues for up to six months or until the Club reopens whichever comes first.

*Option C - You may place your membership on a temporary special inactive status for up to six months.  You will pay no dues during the time of inactivity.  In order to reactivate the membership, a reactivation fee of the lesser of $2,000 or the amount of the waived (non-discounted) dues will be required. If you have a locker and you choose to retain your locker, you will continue to be billed for your locker. If you wish to inactivate your membership based on a financial hardship please submit a confidential request in writing to the Membership Committee. This request can be emailed to

This program does not apply to Forum Members.